Welcome to Art By Joe Jones!

For as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by my parent’s two passions: my mother’s enthusiasm for painting and my father’s love of cars, specifically classic cars and hot rods. As I grew older, I found myself obsessed with both as well. It only seemed natural that eventually these two separate areas should blend together in my life. I have found that I truly enjoy creating artwork that centers around cars. Because to me, cars are art: in the line and curve of those classic shapes, the color combinations in the pinstriping on the trunk or the way a car can suddenly come to life with its own personality when there’s a  shimmer of ghost flames down its sides.


The art of pinstriping is a craft that has been passed down for many years. It is known to have graced the sides of buggies and carriages and the very first Model-T’s – long before hot rods claimed it. I have been extremely fortunate to learn from some of the best. Pinstripers are a funny bunch – they are each dedicated to being the very best…and yet they are eager to teach anyone interested all of the tricks of the trade, just so that the art does not die out. It takes dedication and a lot of practice before a person can load the little pinstriping brush and run a straight line down the side of a car freehand. But it is the beautiful designs that are often showcased on the trunks of the cars with which I am fascinated. It takes just the right colors, the right flourish, the perfect pattern to create an end result that is more than just random lines.

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This website contains information on pinstriping, hand lettering, gold leafing. Located 10 minutes south of Des Moines in Indianola, Iowa. I do every thing from pinstriping Harley Davidsons, factory stripe color changes for a low cost custom look. To Gold & Silver leaf lowrider work.