Shawn Palek

• 515-975-7169
Shawn Palek specialize in realism of images on a variety of surfaces and subjects. he paints portraits, animals, graphics, and other subjects on canvases, clothing, cycles, walls, helmets, and even bodies. Shawn likes having the ability to work on a wide range of surfaces with the airbrush. Being both a commission and consignment artist, Shawn has the challenge of meeting or exceeding a client’s expectations in work he does for them, while still having the freedom to do pieces of his own choosing, for fun.


Pinhead Lounge

Pinhead Lounge pinstriping archive is dedicated to the preservation of the art of traditional pinstriping. Pinhead Lounge is a growing and active online striper’s community! What you’ll find here is a list of artists who use a specialized pinstriping brush such as those made by Mack and lettering enamels such as one-shot to lay out extremely beautiful and stark symmetrical patterns on a variety of media. Pinstriping by hand is a delicate, time-consuming fine art, and it needs to be shown off. Pinhead Lounge is an archive for artists to share images of their work and keep the art form alive.


Andrew Mack & Son Brush Co

The Pinstriping Brush that is manufactured today is essentially the same brush that Andrew Mack first made in 1891, (although many of the leading stripers in the world would give anything to get hold of one of those “Old Mack brushes”). The pinstriping brush is totally a hand-crafted operation, just as it was in 1891. There is not one piece of machinery used in its manufacture. It is completely manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, by eight to ten very talented technicians.


Graffiti’s Supply

• 219-309-0710
Pinstriping supplies


Zwirlein Customz

Zwirlein Customz over 10 years of experience, They are located in Indianola, IA, just 20 minutes South of Des Moines. They offer many services at affordable prices including suspension, collision repair, custom paint jobs, body work, truck and car accessory installation, car detailing and much more.

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