Gene’s 2003 Boss Hoss 32 Coupe Trike – Des Moines, Iowa

This have been a fun project. This 2003 Boss Hoss 32 coupe trike was already pinstriped before I started working on it. Originally Gene brought his trike to me to hide a ding in the fiberglass below the tail light. I have had the trike in and out of my shop several times in the last few years, from adding lettering, more pinstriping, and more ding fixes, to most recently adding very detailed renderings of tarantulas and scorpions.

Master at his Craft !!

Joe Jones has been doing Pin Stripping and Art work on my 2003 Boss Hoss 32 Coupe Trike for several years now and I'm really pleased with his work and artistic ability. I have placed in just about every show I have entered in and the reason for these wins is the art work and pin stripping Joe has done. He has done some pretty cool stuff on my Trike and the people at the shows just are amazed at his work. Joe will tell you I don't let just anyone work on my Trike but he is one of the best out there and I trust him with any of our bikes. Thanks Joe your the greatest !

Gene A. West
Des Moines, IA
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