1 Shot Color Mixes

Here are some 1 Shot color mixes I have picked up over the years

Avocado: Some Emerald Green to Metallic Brass and it is real unique avocado color
Apricot Dark Version: Ivory, Chrome Yellow and Fire Red
Apricot Light Version: Ivory, Lemon Yellow and Vermilion
Battleship Grey: Reflex Blue, Yellow, Black and a lot of White
Beautiful Brown: Fire Red and Emerald Green, Reddish Brown
Beautiful Tan: Chrome Yellow and Purple for a rich, warm tan
Medium Blue: Reflex Blue, Medium Gray
Blood Red: Bright Red, Purple and a little Black
Brown: Bright Red and Emerald Green
Camel: Brown, Imitation Gold and Chrome Yellow
Dark Grey: Brilliant Blue and Orange
Flesh: Salmon color, mixed in some white to lighten then added chrome yellow for brightness
Flesh: Ivory, Orange and Maroon
Flesh: Yellow, Brown and White
Flesh tones: Maroon, Yellow, drop of white
Rat Fink Green from Ed Big Daddy Roth: Emerald Green and Lemon Yellow
Green (Kiwi): Process Blue and Chrome Yellow
Grey: Orange and Blue
KC Teal: Process Green, Process Blue and white
Lavender: Magenta and Process Blue
Lime Green: using 142L and 132L and either substituting or adding 130L will add to coverage, and let’s not forget 101L
Lime Green: Primrose Yellow with a little Process Green and a drop of White
Lime Green Effect: brush Reflex Blue Metallic over a dry Lemon Yellow base
Lipstick: Magenta, white and a drop or two of orange
Bright Orange: Chrome Yellow and Magenta
Hot Orange: Four parts Lemon Yellow, one part Magenta
Neon Orange: Bright Red, Primrose Yellow, three drops Magenta
Old Gold: Lemon yellow and add purple by the drop
Olive Green: Chrome Yellow mixed with black
Olive Green: Process Green, Imitation Gold, Tan and Brown
Pumpkin: Med Orange with Coral added
Pumpkin Color: Medium Brown and Orange
Purple: Magenta, mixed with Reflex or Brilliant Blue
Radon Blue: Brilliant Blue 60%, Light Blue 40%; nice intense blue with good coverage.
Red: 50/50 Red equal parts Fire red and Bright red
Rust Color: Medium Brown Fire Red
Shop Rag Pink: Imitation Gold, Maroon to taste
Skin Tones: Orange, White and Black
Slime Green: Emerald Green with Lemon Yellow added until intensity is reached
Slime Green: Chrome Yellow and Brilliant Blue
Tangerine: Magenta and Chrome Yellow
Teal: Process Blue and Emerald Green
Teal: Process Blue and Process Green

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